MVP Development for Startups

We help to embody ideas into products, build and launch the new functionality.

We're able to join the project at any stage


There is an idea, and you want to check the market demand for it

We will carry out product research and develop an MVP so that you can find the first users and collect feedback for further idea development.


When the demand is confirmed, you need to raise investments

We will improve the existing MVP version or build it from scratch so that you will prove it to the Investors that the idea deserves support and further development.


Product is successful with users, more features need to be added

We will develop the new features so that your users can benefit from service efficiency while you win their recognition.

How we will


Collaboratively discuss the requirements

1–2 days
Define tasks, goals, and a desired outcome.
Когда есть интересная идея, но вы не уверены, что нужно делать для того, чтобы она стала успешной
When you understand the target audience and high-level requirements, but do not have the Statement of Work for the developers to start making the idea a reality

Conduct Discovery, draft Technical Assignment

3 days to 1–2 weeks depending on the project
The Business Analyst will work through the key issues with you: “Who are the potential users?”, “What capabilities does each user need?”, etc.
Based on the obtained data, we will form functional requirements that are necessary to start the development.
Our designer will make service prototypes as requested. This will help to work through the non-obvious issues, make sure that we understood the task correctly and did not miss a single thing. You will review the content and modify it if necessary. Based on the prototypes the developers will estimate the outstanding scope of work and prioritize the functions of the future service more precisely.
Оба предыдущих шага опциональны. Будем мы через них проходить или нет, зависит от полноты данных, с которыми вы к нам обратились. А этот и дальнейшие шаги в работе с нами — обязательные
Both previous steps are optional. It depends on the requirements you shared with us. Anyway, further steps are applied to all of our projects

Estimate the terms and cost of work

1–3 days
Based on the available data, the developers will estimate the duration of work. A designer may join the estimation process if design is needed. Finally, you will receive a detailed table of tasks with an estimation of each task in hours.

Coordinate the cost and work format

1–3 days
Define the most comfortable way of communication and payment.
Introduce you to the project manager and developers. The cost of each developer in our team depends on the level of knowledge on the development map, the manager will tell you more about each one.
We will define the terms and results you will get.

Sum up and start the development

1–3 days
The Project Manager will be in touch with you end to end.

While we're taking stock, our developers will have everything set up and start making things happen.

No Stress From Us

Help to find the best possible terms

We will consider a variety of options and plan the work considering costs and speed.

The code is not bounded only to our team

We use popular frontend technologies and a styleguide from Airbnb. If you decide to outsource development to another team, we are here to help you with the project understanding, as well as with the principles we rely on that help to save time and nerve cells.

Custom products development

In 2016 we launched our own intracity courier delivery service “”. We are currently building MVPs for two more projects in the fintech and edtech spheres. We know what it's like to be a startup founder. So, this experience helps us to work on client projects.

We act predictably

We understand the importance of transparency. Sometimes you have to know: what functionality you are expecting in the output; timelines when the result will be delivered; what is the next step when the project is over. We help to cover all these issues at the very beginning.

Our MVPs Development Experience


We developed frontend for 10 MVPs. At present moment the project is at the development stage. It is an aggregator of DeFi products for finances reserve and accumulation. Since July 2020 we’ve been developing front-end along with the project team.
January 2019 – to date
I’ve had a chance to work with the guys on 2 different blockchain projects. Over the time of cooperation, they showed the strongest technical skills, total commitment to the project, and shared understanding. It’s a real pleasure to work with them.
No items found.

Supercede (formerly Riskbook)

Frontend and backend for reinsurance marketplace. In the first version of the project, we created a messaging and document management subsystem. The laid architecture allowed to add dozens of features in further development.
May 2019 – November 2019
Reviewer avatar
Jezen Thomas
— cofounder & CTO
Help us build an event sourced marketplace in Haskell. Sergey and his team are great collaborators and integrated nicely with our team over the past several months. They produce fast, highly quality work and we would definitely recommend working with them.
No items found.


MVP’s front-end for a cryptocurrency service. Data analytics and visualization with large data tables and a widget system
August 2018 – January 2020
We’ve been working together for over a year. A team of professionals capable of performing complex tasks efficiently and timely. They are flexible in terms of shaping a project team depending on the scope of work and implementation requirements. I would definitely recommend them.
No items found.


A new launch with partners: express courier delivery based on the Uber-model. Have been implemented in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and several Kazakhstan cities
March 2016 – March 2020
Reviewer avatar
No items found.


Frontend service for load monitoring of main resources: CPU, GPU, RAM, Storage I/O on cloud platforms: AWS, GCP, OCI, focused on machine learning load. The service selects options of low-cost or fast configurations for a given load.
December 2020
Reviewer avatar
Vladimir Kobzev
— Product Manager
The team takes all control panel frontend development tasks. Guys have integrated into our processes and interact with the backend team. The flow goes comfortably, without a hitch. In particular, I’d like to point out layout quality. It’s nice to see when the final result matches mockups.
No items found.
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